Churches & Listed Buildings

There are hundreds of older buildings throughout the Greater London area which require a delicate touch when undergoing repair or maintenance. Many of these are churches and listed buildings, each with unique designs and construction that must be attended to carefully. UK Roofing Specialists are proud to provide attentive repair and maintenance services to churches and listed buildings of any age or size.

Our fully trained team of roofers are experienced in carrying out full roof repair services to old and fragile buildings, restoring the roof to full working order without sacrificing the ageless character and beauty of the building itself.

We work with the following social housing/ local authority associations:

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From major rework projects to minor and scheduled maintenance jobs, we always provide a reliable and meticulous service to ensure a finished product which meets all regulations, while causing minimal disruption.

For more information on our roof repair and maintenance service for churches and listed buildings throughout Greater London, Essex and the surrounding areas, simply contact our friendly team today.